Joe joins an exquisite selection of the most knowledgeable guitar lovers out there on this BBC Radio 2 series, Guitar Season. An in-depth and fascinating look at the guitar, exploring its impact on popular culture and its importance to all music genres - from folk to country, rock to classical and beyond.

Joe Bonamassa tells Radio 2 why the Les Paul 1959 Standard is the guitar's answer to a Stradivarius.

Filmed at John Henry Studios, London – with thanks to Bernie Marsden for lending Joe his Les Paul dubbed "The Beast".

Bernie Marsden said to Gibson on an interview about his guitar that "Joe’s always been very nice to me over the years so he is always welcome to borrow it. And I love hearing him play it. Obviously, I’ve rarely heard someone else playing it – it’s usually in my hands. So to hear Joe Bonamassa play it, when I can just listen, is great. After all these years, I got to hear the guitar properly. Joe always says, ‘Man, that thing is sick.’ It does sound amazing.”

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