Topic: Guitar Center Sessions - Joe Bonamassa (SUPER SERIES!!!)

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Re: Guitar Center Sessions - Joe Bonamassa (SUPER SERIES!!!)


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Re: Guitar Center Sessions - Joe Bonamassa (SUPER SERIES!!!)

Wow.....Patty....once again you excel yourself with these finds!! Had a blast watching those videos during my lunch-break (honest boss)!!!

Needless to say.....Joe is such a class act on a professional and personal level, and these just reinforce that. Absolute gems!!

Thank goodness for the digital age eh when this kind of stuff is so readily available!! Thank you for these Patty...and thank you to Joe for grabbing me by the scruff of my neck, and for bringing me along for this wonderful musical adventure.

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Re: Guitar Center Sessions - Joe Bonamassa (SUPER SERIES!!!)

Patty, thanks a million for another cool find !!!!!  Larry G

Re: Guitar Center Sessions - Joe Bonamassa (SUPER SERIES!!!)

those were great thanks Patty!

Re: Guitar Center Sessions - Joe Bonamassa (SUPER SERIES!!!)

I enjoyed each and every one of them.

Thanks Patty!

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Re: Guitar Center Sessions - Joe Bonamassa (SUPER SERIES!!!)

Ahahah Joe is a fan of Family Guy, that's awesome.

I wonder if Joe's ever considered trying to track down that old Goldtop...?

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Re: Guitar Center Sessions - Joe Bonamassa (SUPER SERIES!!!)

big_smile big_smile big_smile big_smile  PATTY!!!!!!  YOU simply ROCK!!!!!  big_smile big_smile big_smile big_smile

A GREAT BIG GIANT THANK YOU for unearthing this footage.  I was THERE that night and have been waiting since SEPTEMBER 16, 2008 for it to be posted.  (IMAGINE someone taking MONTHS to post video!!! roll  lol..... the HORROR of it all......hehehehe..... I'm sure I don't know ANYONE like THAT... wink ... this must be some sort of Karma for me.... tongue)

Seriously though, I'm very grateful to the Guitar Center for hosting this event AND for videotaping it as well. 

I'm going to go watch it all over again now.  What a fun night that was..... a completely DIFFERENT Joe experience.  Completely.  A treasured memory indeed, and NOW it can be even MORE clear thanks to your diligence Patty.  Bravo Dear.  I have a MASSIVE amount of still shots from that night.  Just email me Patty if you want some.  smile

JOE, thank YOU ever so much for making this clinic not only thoroughly enjoyable for all the musicians who were present that night (and, I can assure you, they WERE hanging on to your EVERY word), but for making it so INTERESTING and understandable for us ordinary folk as well.  I NEVER felt LOST when you were speaking...... you took me down a very interesting path..... one which I had NO trouble following.   It was just GREAT!!!!

Libby  smile

I know that Joe could play one of those kid's guitars with the plastic strings and make it sound good-
Bill S.